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Anti-Fog Shield

The Fast Solution To De-Fogging On The Move

Eliminates Lens Fogging Keeping you Clear and Safe throughout your daily life

Instant Clarity for glasses and goggles

In the ever changing world in which we live in face coverings are being recommended for use on a widespread basis.


Depending on what restrictions are in force where you live, it may be compulsory to wear face coverings on public transport and in some public spaces, so this has become the new normal of everyday life.


An added complication which may occur if you happen to be a person who wears glasses or goggles in everyday life, work or recreation - is that you may find yourself with the nagging issue of fogged up lenses. Fogging forms when the face covering directs your hot breath up towards your eyes and the water vapour forms condensation on the cooler lenses - much in the same way as on a cold Winter’s day.


As well as the fogging issue, glasses or goggles, can become uncomfortable to wear as the added moisture causes them to slip and be constantly adjusted.


These problems are not to be underestimated as they can present many health and safety issues in your normal daily routine, at work or whilst exercising due to your vision being impaired.


•  25ml handy pocket size

•  Ideal for spraying on the go

• Easy to apply - 190 sprays per can

• Cleans without streaking

• Alcohol-free

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